Stress Management

Stress Management

Reducing Stress

  • Weight Loss and Maintenance Tips

    Weight Loss and Maintenance Tips

    The quick and dirty (I mean clean) overview for how to lose weight and keep it off. Weight loss For weight loss, you just need two words: calorie restriction and exercise. With diet being the most important. It has been found that our body fitness level is 80% based on diet and 20% based on […]

  • Adrenal Fatigue & Insufficiency

    Adrenal Fatigue & Insufficiency

    The adrenal glands are important for our energy, health, and mood. The adrenal glands are small glands located on top of the kidneys and play a large role in hormone production. The hormones that are produced and released from the adrenal glands regulate multiple processes in the body including metabolism, the immune system, blood pressure, […]

  • Diet Hack for Improved Mood

    Diet Hack for Improved Mood

    The foods we eat can have a drastic impact on both our mood and cognitive abilities. Consuming foods that boost serotonin, which is the happy hormone in the body, can help reduce stress and boost affect. Likewise eating red meat which contains the amino acid taurine or taking it in a supplement form can increase […]

  • Diabetes 101

    Diabetes 101

    One of the fastest growing medical conditions today, why diabetes is on the rise and why we should care. Diabetes is a collection of metabolic disorders that result in high amounts of sugar in the blood. Elevated blood sugar is known as hyperglycemia and is the key element in the diagnosis of Diabetes. The main […]

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  • GERD


    Feel the burn, when diet and lifestyle wrecks havoc on your gut. Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is a chronic gastrointestinal disorder with a reflux of stomach contents into the esophagus. For most, GERD can be managed with diet and lifestyle changes, but for some medications may be needed. Besides symptom management, the main concern associated […]

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  • Ketogenic Diet

    Ketogenic Diet

  • Chemicals in Cosmetic Products

    Chemicals in Cosmetic Products

  • The Powerful Brain Chemicals That Boost Your Sleep

    The Powerful Brain Chemicals That Boost Your Sleep

  • What is Happiness?

    What is Happiness?