Jessica Chrisman

Certified Family Nurse Practitioner

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  • What is Happiness?

    What is Happiness?

    Sandwiched somewhere between “does god exist?” and “who ate my leftovers?” sits the question we will all ask ourselves at some point. Why are we here and what is the purpose of life? When asked this, some of the most common responses goes as follows; “To be happy” “To better the world” “To help society […]

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  • The Effects of Stress on the Body

    The Effects of Stress on the Body

    The amount of stress that people are exposed to is rising globally. Fast-paced lifestyles, profit-chasing business models, environments filled with stimulants for all the senses, as well as many other factors are all responsible for this. The year 2023 Mental health crises has witnessed a concerning surge, highlighting the urgent need for attention and action. […]

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  • Effects of Music

    Effects of Music

    As we rush about our day, we might forget the power that music has on our lives and health. How the brain processes music Music makes its way through the ear canal as sound waves, which reach the eardrum and vibrate as sound, before travelling through the inner ear to the cochlea. The sense organ […]

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  • Meditation


    The saying goes “if everyone knew how to meditate there would be world peace by the end of the year.” Idealist maybe, but meditation can certainly help increase the level of peace and clarity within ourselves. Meditation hit the scenes hard in the United States during the 1960s and by early 2000s has become about […]

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  • Diabetes 101

    Diabetes 101

    One of the fastest growing medical conditions today, why diabetes is on the rise and why we should care. Diabetes is a collection of metabolic disorders that result in high amounts of sugar in the blood. Elevated blood sugar is known as hyperglycemia and is the key element in the diagnosis of Diabetes. The main […]

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